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Do you eat hot dogs? I don't. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhwXPsTaRgc

skip the video and forget ramen profitability. the real standard is the Costco hot dog. $1.50 for an excellent treat with unlimited soda refills.

I don't like hot dogs and sausages for the taste. But the video makes the production look more palatable than what I had imagined.

I don't eat too many grocery story hot dogs (they taste too much like the salt and phone books they're made of) but I do love the sausages at the German deli. So delicious. And I feel like I'm doing something good eating the not-so-visually-appealing parts that otherwise might go to waste. There's a lot more to a pig than tenderloin.

Nope. I'll eat them on the very rare occasion when I'm really hungry and there's nothing else available, but nope.

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