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Hence why I stopped eating figs.

Do you eat hot dogs? I don't. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhwXPsTaRgc

skip the video and forget ramen profitability. the real standard is the Costco hot dog. $1.50 for an excellent treat with unlimited soda refills.

I don't like hot dogs and sausages for the taste. But the video makes the production look more palatable than what I had imagined.

I don't eat too many grocery story hot dogs (they taste too much like the salt and phone books they're made of) but I do love the sausages at the German deli. So delicious. And I feel like I'm doing something good eating the not-so-visually-appealing parts that otherwise might go to waste. There's a lot more to a pig than tenderloin.

Nope. I'll eat them on the very rare occasion when I'm really hungry and there's nothing else available, but nope.

the more you know about where your food comes from, the better. maybe you wouldn't eat that burger if you knew the pesticides, hormones and antibiotics that go into it. maybe you wouldn't eat that shellfish which may be full of birth control hormones. and maybe you wouldn't eat that genetically modified corn. in the bigger picture, eating a dead wasp seems like the healthy choice.

I can sympathize with your first example. But what's so bad about modifying genes?

i am not a geneticist, but i look at any change without lots of historical data and studies as alpha or beta quality and i assume a possibility for bugs.

The older alternative to direct genetic modifications is using radiation to cause random changes in the genome.

Systems biology looks like progress.

This is why I'm buying figs asap!

Seriously? :)

My, they sure are delicious fruits.

I never liked them much anyway, and I didn't particularly relish the idea of eating dead wasps.

(bugs? well, ok. Wasps? No thanks)

Although now that I read the wasps are digested by the fig, they seem more palatable again.

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