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Meanwhile they shove all of their software developers into one of the highest cost of living cities in the world and pay them six figure salaries.

Maybe it's changed since I lived there, but I don't really think Seattle is "one of the highest cost of living cities in the world". It is (or was) quite a bit cheaper than NYC or SF, for example.

Seattle might not be the most expensive city to lie in but it is right up there. Same price as LA accoring to this data:


And depending on how you break this list down (Exclude Bermuda from North American cities,bundle Bellevue/Seattle, Brooklyn NYC) it's in the top 10


Then again, it's quite a bit higher... "Cost of a gallon of gas in Seattle: $2.40"... try $3.79 this weekend.

I bet those gas prices are fixed to some point in time. Might be too much work to keep up to date gas prices but not instantaneously update other parameters.

Its going to get so , because even though its not as bad property wise as california, it is following the same path of increasing taxes and expenditures by the local government. I could already see a stark homelessness growth in just one year.

Cheaper than Irvine, CA as well.

You would think Amazon would be a pioneer in remote IT work, wouldn't you...

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