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Everywhere and nowhere. I thought they helped inspire the current round of affordable computers (chromebooks, phones, cheap laptops, pi, etc)?

Indeed it did. The XO started a wave a new, cheap computing that saw the Asus EEE PC 401 as the start of commercial products in this new category, and really got going with tablet computers around 2010.


I'm still waiting on my transflective screen, though.

And on world education.

But hey, these people tried to create a solution. How many people talk and talk, but never do anything?

And even if they didn't succeed as originally intended, all you people typing on your oh-so thin and light ultrabooks, can thank OLPC for helping get the ball rolling.

World education is gradually improving! It's a combination of processes of human development and technological aids. Rather than look for a complete solution, I look for whether the situation is improving. Because it's true that most peoples' lives are still depressingly non-optimal!

For example this graph of literacy over the last 25 years (under the heading "Regional Disparities"):


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