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Show HN: Value My Funnel – Figure out the value of a visitor, lead and customer (valuemyfunnel.com)
51 points by danaseverson 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

Quick take feedback - I click a link for “Value My Funnel” @ valuemyfunnel.com. Instead, I’m redirected to rightmessage.com, instantly feels scammy. Next I expect some simple funnel calc tool followed by a pitch for some service. Instead, I’m greeted with a ton of text that I don’t want to read and has nothing to do with valuing my funnel. I immediately close the window. Then I felt generous to a show hn post so I decided to click through once and see what happens. I get an obvious lead gen form that has nothing to do with valuing my funnel. Now I’m done with rightmessage forever.

Trying to disguise bad faith marketing hacks like this as show hn type content hurts your business.

Forgive me, but I'm not sure what we're doing that's disingenuous?

If you clicked through after the initial welcome page (that just overviews the tool) that's not a lead gen form. That's exactly what the tool advertises: a questionnaire for deconstructing your funnel value.

In fact, there's zero lead gen until the end – and that's entirely optional. There's no "put in your email address to get your numbers!" – we display it all anonymously. If you put in your email address, we send you an email course.

I'm not sure if you saw the same thing we built, or if I'm misreading your comment?

Thank you for your feedback, I can understand and appreciate your perspective. Truly, it's fair.

To your first point: We built this on top of our app so we could use the data to superimpose conversion metrics. Using a direct URL is much easier to communicate than a subdomain or URL with slug. Your point is noted though. We don't want that to be the initial reaction.

We'll relook at the copy and see if we can minimize anything that's unnecessary. No need to add friction.

We built this tool to be free to use, without any requirement of signing in or submitting your email. We haven't gated the results, only added additional value if interested.

I'm sorry for it leaving you with a bad impression. We are a for-profit business, but that shouldn't minimize the value that the tool delivers — for free.

I’ll add to his feedback, I don’t have a clue how your service works. Sure, your landing page tells me you’ll customize my landing pages. How? Not set up crap in your visual editor. How does it decide which version to send to whom? Comes across as snake oil to me.

We're constantly reworking our marketing site, but to make it more technical for the HN crowd (our audience is mostly marketers), it's an "if-this-then-that" engine for your website.

- If referred by foo.com OR came over with particular UTM params OR landed on /foo THEN change out testimonials to be able foo (using similar underlying tech that Optimizely, et al use)


- If visitor, who has opted in previously, has the "Customer" tag in the ESP/CRM that our customer has linked their site to, then ditch the signup form on the homepage and put a training video (or something)

It's basically a rules engine that looks at on-site behavior (pages viewed, referring domain, query string params, cookie data, etc) and allows you to combine that with ESP/CRM backend data (tags, custom fields, subscriber vs anonymous), and make content changes (replace text, hide an element, swap out an image, etc) as a result of a visitor belonging to a particular segment you've defined.

Looks really smart!

One thing I'd like is a way to share the final link where I see the projection and ideas

Thanks for the feedback. To clarify, do you mean you'd like a way to share your results socially or via email to others?

Out of curiosity, does it matter how someone wants to share a link in order to be able to share it?

Presumably, a person’s mode of sharing should have zero impact on having a link to share.

Correct. We're leveraging localStorage to save answers across "pages" (using Vue). We could probably serialize / base64 encode the object we've saved and then let someone share it.

Ah, yeah. In that case, there is definitely a little hurdle to jump to make links to the results work, for sure.

That's a good point. I was just more curious than anything. Something we're working on now.

I think the way the question was worded raised my eyebrows a bit. It left me thinking that "sharing socially" would be turned into "let's include this social sharing widget that will track our users" (which always turns me off of a product) vs "let's make sure a shareable link works a single (or multiple) times for people who have the link".


I was looking for a way to share with my coworkers in Slack.

Just launched a simple tool that helps you understand the worth of your marketing funnel, down to a single site visitor. Would love any comments or feedback.

Full disclosure: we launched on ProductHunt today as well.

Your optimization ideas are a vertical scrollbar, which hides them off of the screen to maintain tile size. I would attempt to allude to the fact there are more pieces of hidden data if possible, or ideally refactor the design paradigm completely, hiding data is usually a pattern worth avoiding, especially when it's so valuable as yours. Well done on the aesthetic overall quite well done!

Thanks! Yeah, frankly we sort of just threw in that scrolling list of ideas... and didn't put nearly enough thought into the display of them.

Mmm tried to fill as a dating site, but it doesn't seem to fit the available options

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