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tempodox 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite

I don't ordinarily upvote articles about politics, but I upvoted this one because (a) it's a fairly dispassionate, thoughtful analysis (b) of what it claims is a turning point (rather than just the everyday back and forth of politics).

Overthrowing Trump is such a popular topic among his adversaries since he won the election surprisingly. So many "turning points" have been claimed by the "resistance" front. So I won't buy this one. OTAH IMHO "turning point" as a concept is enough vague, so IIRC you can claim many prior and posterior events to be turning points.

This is just going to start a flame war.

Not necessarily.

This is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump

FBI is investigating somebody for things long in the past, unrelated to election, it wouldn’t be looking into had Trump not been elected. How is this not a partisan retaliation and a threat to democracy? Honestly curious.

It's not because it's bargaining chips in the search for larger game.

On another note, these investigations are good because democracy can only function if the actors are in general of good intent. Democracy is fragile and can easily be subverted or destroyed from within. So this isn't so much a threat to democracy as it is the system working as intended: branches of government created separate but equal to ensure that everybody plays by the rules.

Finally, it's not partisan because the majority of the people participating in this are actually of the same party that holds all three branches of American government.

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