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Understanding Bitcoin Transactions (jonathanotto.com)
91 points by jotto 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

I would love to see a tutorial on how to create a bitcoin address (a private + public key pair) with nothing but command line tools that are available in a standard Linux distribution.

The book "Mastering Bitcoin" by Andreas Antonopoulos steps through this. You can find the code here https://github.com/bitcoinbook/bitcoinbook/blob/develop/code...

I'm not too hot on Python, where do I find the imported libraries so as to interpret eg `bitcoin.encode_privkey(decoded_private_key, 'wif')`.

Based on the `import bitcoin`, it looks like it is using this library: https://github.com/vbuterin/pybitcointools

Here you go: Bitcoin the Hard way http://www.righto.com/2014/02/bitcoins-hard-way-using-raw-bi...

This shows you how to do everything yourself from scratch. There’s no such tutorial for ethereum, unfortunately, and it might be too complex a protocol to allow that.

To the parent’s point, creating an eth address is identical to bitcoin, it’s the same elliptic curve.

You are in luck - this is simple enough to fit in two (2) tweets ( plus one more tweet for the decoder ):


If you want to read about something really interesting, check out hierarchical deterministic wallets:


Christopher Allen got you covered (almost): https://github.com/ChristopherA/Learning-Bitcoin-from-the-Co... "Learning Bitcoin from the CLI"

For a long time this article [0] was my go-to when explaining Bitcoin transactions to others but this submission is more recent (has SegWit, etc.)

[0]: https://curiosity-driven.org/bitcoin-contracts

This is one of my favorites



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