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Ask HN: Just like HN, any “secret garden” you religiously follow
21 points by yogrish 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments
HN has brought a transformation in me. It’s like before HN days and after. With the perspectives from discussions/comments, eye opening articles, I always had an edge during technical discussions with my fellow geeks. Like HN, do you follow any other sites for topics like finance, personal well being, medical, leadership, spirituality etc

This is a fairly common question here. For example:


If you search the site for previous discussions, that will get you lots more hits.

Oh, it's a year 2010 thread

I have personally seen multiple such questions in recent memory. I am just not good at finding them.

It's a common question on this forum and has been for years.

Despite a ridiculous signal-to-noise ratio, the YOSPOS subforum of Something Awful had some wicked smart posters. It’s been years since I visited though

AI researchers on twitter


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