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Show HN: Nekøyume – Blockchain-based Role-Playing Game (nekoyu.me)
12 points by shinvee on Apr 15, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

> Private key is a password that identify you. Please make this unique.

how am i supposed to know if its unique and i haven't accidentally identified myself as someone else? Yes can make a very random and very long key, but that doesn't mean it's unique.

It's an interesting solution to server shutdowns. On the other hand there is not a lot of complexity to this game. You just fight, sleep, craft items (for gold) by pressing a single button. Especially the latter feels like pay to win to me.

Seriously, why does it ask for my private key when I access the page from mobile? I instantly closed the page.

You can make some random private key just for this game preview. I don't recommend to use a serious key for this web-based preview.

I'll provide source code and client application. At that time, you can use your favorite private key to play the game.

Seems to suffer from same throughput problems as Bitcoin.

Very slow action.

Otherwise pretty cool idea!

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