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Taking Steps to Combat Your Own Decision-Making Bias (strategy-business.com)
66 points by prostoalex 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

- Set up “if-then” plans [such as] “If I catch myself agreeing with everything a dominant, charismatic person is saying in a meeting, then I will privately ask a third person (not the presenter or the loudest person) to repeat the information, shortly after the meeting, to see if I still agree.”

- Get explicit, and get it in writing. Document how decisions are made and conclusions reached.

- Incentivize awareness. Reward people who point out systematic issues. Tom Brady pays defenders who intercept his passes in practice.

- Set up buffers. Take a walk before making a decisions or to jostle loose unconsidered issues. Use “pre-mortems” to see how the yet to be made decision could go wrong, and work backward from there to mitigate and give insight into the best decision.

- Cut the cues. Set up blind decisions that mask potential biases such as gender, ethnicity, background, hometown, and so on.

I liked in particular adding a short "cooling off" period for a group to break and relax before coming back to make a decision.

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