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Show HN: Mustard UI – A CSS framework that actually looks good. (mustard-ui.com)
16 points by kylelogue on Apr 14, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

You seem to imply other frameworks look bad, but when I look at your examples they look pretty much like the stuff you seem to be comparing yourself with.

Yeah, sometimes that's the case. I've found that design is extremely opinionated and hard to get right for everybody. Do you have some ideas as to how I could improve on what I've got so far?

I think the buttons and the forms could look much better.

Buttons - the hover effect is weird and messes with letter-spacing.

Forms - the focus style is just a colored border, not enough to set a field apart. Bulma does forms much better - https://bulma.io/documentation/form/general/

I would just drop the phrase "that actually looks good". That's purely your opinion. It also leads the reader to expect something which differs noticeably from other frameworks, and this does not. You clearly want to differentiate your framework, but this approach makes you seem arrogant.

Not really, tbh. You’re certainly right that design is oppinionated. It might be useful to have some different styles for different feels.

Yea it could be cool to have different themes or configurations depending on what people want it to look like.

Nice. One comment. I think the world is moving away from totally flat. For me the rounded corners to indicate touchable object still requires context to make sense. Here we using hackernews with the same approach, however, I never really liked the idea that users are mature enough to implicitly know what is action or nav. The demo page uses a green button for scroll, download and href. Which, while this is clearly example usage, highlights my concern. The button metaphor should indicate change, think before you click. Vs link which you might expect to take you somewhere but not have an "action". I feel like depth expresses this difference because of the reference to the realworld button. Not sure what the majority of users feel, thats just an IMHO.

Looks good on the device i'm using. Non-standard android.

I'm think the "doesn't suck" does not really sells this.

What, exactly are the benefits here over bootstrap or any of the 300 other frameworks with similar specs?

Looking at your examples I can't immediately see the difference to bootstrap other than (maybe) the smaller file size.

You make a valid point. One thing that I don't like about other frameworks is that the styles come across a bit childish. The original intent was to create something that would allow you to make something that actually looks good without a lot of effort. It's not there yet, but I wanted to share to get some feedback and maybe even a few more contributors so I could hit that goal.

...updated the title to reflect this more.

Just reviewed the framework and it leaves a very nice impression. It's not remarkably different than bootstrap but it does feel lighter, more accessible, and I can appreciate the small file size. I will bookmark this one. Nice work!

Thanks for the kind words and support.

This started as a joke and actually turned into something kinda cool (still beta'ish). I'd love to get more dev's involved to make it something better. Feedback welcomed!

Any reason you used sass over postcss?

It's just what I'm used to. Any reason why to pick PostCSS over SASS?

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