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Interactive computational neuroscience – part 1, spiking neurons (jackterwilliger.com)
114 points by jterwill 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Thanks for this! I've been trying to find something quantitative about modeling neurons for a while now but everything seems to be either basic research ("when we poke the rat we get 50hZ spikes of 5mV in the temporal lobe" type information) or handwavey qualitative pop-sci ("neurons link together to make a magical biological computer"). This is great. :)

Such a great article, during college I made a simple simulation connecting 40000 Izhikevich neurons in a squared layout, which generated some neat behaviors [1] - your article helped me understand better what was happening there. However I still find myself curious about the visible patters that emerge, would be great to have an article covering the dynamics of multiple neurons.

[1] - https://vimeo.com/25477585

Nice! It bothers me a bit that in the first scroll plot, it says "input current (mV): -5" - not only because current is measured in A, but also because I don't know how the input is applied and how the membrane potential is measured.

this is awesome - i ll be recommending it as an intro to students interested in comp-neuro .

I've always been interested in this aspect of neuroscience but didn't realize 'computational' was a sub-field of its own. This is an amazing discovery for me. Can anyone else recommend any articles or (online) courses?

Also, the reference at the bottom of the article is a classic introductory text in the field:


Or the free textbook from Izhikevich: https://www.izhikevich.org/publications/dsn.pdf

Search for Wulfram Gerstner's courses and books. You'll find most elementary (and advanced) topics in there.

Very nicely written.

The way dynamical systems are explained is nice and refreshing, esp keeping novices in mind.

Definitely recommending to the team.

Well done, this is both comprehensive and interactive.

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