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If a police officer is lost and pulls into your driveway to ask directions, sure, you should probably do your best to help even though you have to responsibility to do so. However, as soon as an on-duty public official exceeds his or her authority in an offensive way (like if the officer demanded your help or shot your dog [1]), he or she deserves no gracious human-to-human "emotional" kindness from you. On top of that, I wouldn't consider any of this guy's answer impolite, unethical, or even impractical. Sure, your exact wording might be better to avoid being hassled, but there's no guarantee of that, plus not everyone is good at wording things tactfully especially when they're being wronged.

[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mvIWFXbHNo#t=0m48s

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