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I was about to post this myself.

Here's my problem: theoretically, the video makes sense. I shouldn't every speak to the police.

Practically, if I'm pulled over for a speeding ticket, saying "I refuse to speak" is going to get me in a lot more trouble than just playing along.

Be pragmatic and polite and don’t answer questions. If they ask you whether you know why they stopped you simply say “No, why?” (For the love of goodness, don’t admit that you were doing something wrong or even worse say you didn’t do anything wrong when you did.) If they ask you for ID provide them with one. It doesn’t seem that they would ask you any more questions, they can just hand you over the ticket. If they really do continue asking questions you can just politely say that you would rather not answer any more questions. That’s behavior very much consistent with the video.

I have twice gotten out of a ticket by promptly and honestly admitting that I was breaking the law and had no excuse.

Cops are human lie detectors, playing dumb with them never works. OTOH acknowledging this fact straight away seems to make them happy.

You shouldn’t play dumb.

The simple reason why you always want to know what the police accuses you of before you admit to doing anything is that they might know less than you think. (That’s exactly why they ask you!) You should never lie to the police, you should just politely ask them why they stopped you. What’s wrong with that?

I have to second this. I have gotten out of a ticket every time I've been pulled over (~10 times).

The first thing I say is "I'm sorry officer. I know I was why I got pulled over. I just excuse for it"

Has worked every time.

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