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HN: Let's Try Something Cool - Add Your Spot On The Hacker News Map (jmarbach.com)
118 points by jmarbach on Sept 11, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 46 comments

Can't this information be derived from http://hackernewsers.com/pages/map.html ?

That site appears to contain info only on people who have registered with it (unless I'm missing something; I don't seem to be there).

Also, despite the implication of the title, the OP is not interested in HN users in general, only business founders and investors.

I intend to have as many HN users as possible contribute. I switched the legend containing "Founder" with "Users" to make the markers more versatile. I apologize for the confusion.

Ah, thanks for the clarification.

BTW, the article still says

> My aim is to map out all of the founders in the Hacker News community, distinguished by four qualities: Tech founder, business founder, VC/investor, or a mix of the previous three.

That's going to scare away a few people. Change the first two appearances of "founder" to "user"?

Yes, thank you for the correction. The mentions of "founder" have been edited.

It seemed non-obvious to me I'm also meant to activate my account for it to be visible on the map (I just noticed it wasn't showing so searched the site until I found I was unactivated).

I guess they're complimentary. These maps are awesome for people like me who live in places where it's quite rare to meet fellow founders. Thanks, guys!

Really cool idea. I have a canvas printing company and we'll print pg's map for free if you like.

If you do this, be sure to include a legend that explains what the colors mean.

Also, if you can switch the {yellow-orange, orange-yellow} color scheme to something more easily differentiable, that would be a nice touch too.

Agreed, a more differentiable color scheme would be nicer. In the next couple days I will reach out to a couple designers seeing if they can emulate the "Earth at Night" poster that I mentioned in my note.

Kind of disappointing that you want only founders and investors.

Yeah, I was going to star the map as a developer (or something similar), but I guess we're not cool enough. HAHA. Maybe he'll update the options.

I can certainly add "Developer", I was just looking to keep it as simple as possible with 4 options by filing developers under "tech". Would you still like the options updated?

Understandable. That was a ignorance on my part, I swapped founder with "Users".

Not all who are in tech are founders. Also, I know a couple people who would probably at first try to write themselves in as "Student." Maybe that fits best alongside non-founder techs?

As a personal data point, I don't think I would mark myself as student even though I am currently a student. (Open question) What do you think differentiates a "student developer" from a "student?"

Depending on context, specificity (some students may not be student developers) or nothing. In this particular context, likely nothing. At the time I posted, the only options were "[Business|Tech] Founder" and "VC/Investor." I have only ever encountered one student who was also a founder.

What do you spend more time on? Because, as someone doing both half-time, there isn't enough time to be a full time dev (40+ hours/week) and a full-time student (4-5 classes, 3-4 hours/per class in the classroom, maybe half of that outside).

Yes, there is enough time. I currently do 35 hours as a dev and 15-20 as a student, and I think I could do 5 more hours of development. My social life would probably suffer a lot, though, as I'd have to work or study more on weekends.

And I have no idea whether I should say I'm a developer or a student whenever I have to choose. I tend to go with student because finishing college is my priority, but it's still an annoying question.

If "student" only takes you 15-20 hours per week, most probably wouldn't consider it "full-time." When I was in undergrad, spending 15-20 hours per week on school would mean about 0 hours spent studying.

I guess I didn't make a connection between "Tech Founder" and "Developer", as I didn't, and currently don't plan on, founding anything.

EDIT: Grammar FAIL on my part.

Agreed. Founders or no, everyone's interested in meeting their fellow HNers.

By the way wouldn't be a good idea if our HN profile would have a location field?

And a contact field, sometimes I wish I could talk with someone who commented something I posted, but it's difficult to get in contact.

I suppose one would need access to the HN server, but it would be cool to see this sort of thing - http://forums.digitalpoint.com/usermap.php

Why can't i just give you my address and you locate it for me on the map?

You can. Click the Add button on the map.

This reminded me of some work Al MacDonald did a while back with Firefox Downloads... http://bocoup.com/misc/stats.moz/

Wow, those are really neat animations displaying the download popularity!

Great idea. But please add options for others. It'd be great to meet like-minded folk. (I seem to be alone in the UK at the moment, which is a little worrying.)

Thanks! What options did you have in mind? To meet like-minded users in the UK, I think stringraycharles provided a great resource. http://hackernewsers.com/pages/map.html

You've got your Charles' mixed up.

That site is owned by phpnode. http://news.ycombinator.com/user?id=phpnode

I know they both have a link to their hackernewsers page, but phpnode is the guy that built it.

Thanks. I'd not heard of it.

HackerNewsers.com is already supposed to be filling that desire.

When I first added myself to Ottawa, the only other person in Ottawa was "hidden" under my marker, so it only showed jlgosse.

Maybe have multiple users in those markers?

Someone planted a "Here be insane muslims" flag in Saudi Arabia. I don't have permissions to remove it myself, so could you please?

I'm nomadic. I can haz API?

Who's this only other stranger next to me in sheepshead bay, brooklyn?

Russia and China has surprisingly low number of members. Any theories?

Time zones?

Is anyone else giggling like a small girl at the way HN'ers, who are usually privacy nuts (see: any discussion about Facebook), are freely giving away their exact location?

Who says these are their exact location? I'm OK with giving away my city as dedicated searching will let you figure it out anyhow, but I didn't give my address. Dedicated searching will give you a decent chance at that anyhow (though I've moved around a lot in the past few years and I've noticed online address databases are full of defunct entries).

It's lonely south of the equator.

404 error

the url doesn't present anything for me

brooklyn, wadup

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