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"And finally, the court's conservatives used their 5-4 advantage to rule that suspects must break their silence and tell police they are going to remain quiet if they want to invoke their "right to remain silent" and stop an interrogation, just as they must tell police that they want a lawyer."


Apropos nothing, how seriously can you take a news story that uses the words "the court's conservatives used their 5-4 advantage to rule..."? Wow, that's bad writing.

Yeah, I agree there. That was seriously out-of-place and unnecessary.

If you agree, would you care to point out what is badly written about that quote?

How so?

Interesting, today I just read that the court's Conservatives are the most likely to side with the defendants, on average:


Does this surprise you? It shouldn't. Despite the perception on the internet, there is a reason half of the population leans conservative.

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