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ISP astroturfing and the incoming government filter/firewall that they are helping build [1]. SESTA/FOSTA are also part of this.

The internet is being turned into hotel wifi and ISPs are the brownshirt errand boys helping it because of their privileged monopoly/network position in the aristocracy and plutocracy.

Partly it is because everyone knows Facebook and the division in our country is intense right now.

Mostly though it is because all that money that the ISPs used to put towards removing privacy protections and net neutrality are now aimed at censorship, tracking and control instead of innovation and expansion with new product offerings. ISPs know they will have the monopolies needed for implementing it and they will get deep access into the data to help their ad/tracking/data selling efforts.

"Goodbye" -- Internet in 2018

[1] https://www.wired.com/2017/04/internet-censorship-is-advanci...

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