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At my current workplace we're moving to GraphQL slowly and use it as a Gateway to front our backend REST APIs.

Backend feature teams own their APIs, but are all consumed by one GraphQL API which is the nexus of backend communication for things like periodic tasks and our client applications. None of the APIs call each other directly.

I think it's working out really well for the front end teams and aligning well with our engineering organization as a whole. As for who owns the GraphQL repos, everyone contributes to it but we rely on engineering leadership to keep an eye on changes as the system solidifies.

Although we're not a very large company, we do something similar, using it as a gateway for everything but file uploads and some other special cases. It feels like a cross between a system-wide statically typed interface and HTTP routing. The tools (graphiql, graphdoc, apollo, the apollo eslint plugin) are really good and they help make the API feel discoverable and flexible.

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