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I think it comes down to giving them credit for funding the construction of massive clean energy projects, even if they don't exclusively use the electricity from that project themselves.

Look at Microsoft. They just funded a deal to build out an absolutely massive solar farm in Virginia.


They do have facilities in state that will only need a fraction of that power to be 100% green, and the excess will be pumped into the local Virginia power grid and used by consumers there.

Basically, Microsoft is saying that they funded the project to generate excess green energy in one place to offset the dirty energy they consume in areas where there is no local green power option available.

100% renewable energy by purchasing and funding renewable energy is an outstanding acheivement.

Is there another statistic for measuring how many KWhr or MWhr are sourced directly from renewable energy sources (or, more logically, 'directly' from batteries + hemp supercapacitors between use and generation)?

Exactly. It is not a loophole assuming we have stable and steady use of electricity. I.e before bitcoin.

Apple funded or has lots of JV across the world, producing renewable energy. It is only a matter of time before they force /help their supplier in doing so as well.

My guess is in five years time Apple product will be net zero non-renewable electricity from transport to manufacturing.

The effort to convince the companies in it's supply chain to follow suit has already begun.

>Though the 100% figure covers only Apple’s own operations–not those of of the suppliers and contract manufacturers which do much of the work of bringing its ideas to life–it’s also convinced 23 companies in its supply chain to sign a pledge to get to 100% renewable energy for the portion of their business relating to Apple products.


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