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All the modern SEO-heavy links lend themselves to modification. You can give someone the URL https://www.amazon.com/fnord/dp/0440539811 and he may say "oh, I've read that, fine book" and won't have noticed anything peculiar about the URL.

(Using the male pronoun seems appropriate for that book.)

That's because there isn't anything peculiar about that URL. Are you seeing something in there? Because there isn't anything. Perfectly normal URL.

I think it's the "fnord" part which you can change to whatever you like?


#ThatsTheJoke 'fnord' is supposed to be invisible, and you, the reader, are outstanding in that you are resisting this mind-control and able to see it anyway. It's a reference to the novels linked in in the Amazon link.

Same...I'm thinking thats the point? That url must have some kind of SEO-related optmization that isn't obvious?

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