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Show HN: React Pattern Book – A low maintenance pattern library/style guide (springload.github.io)
114 points by holloway 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

So is this a package which builds a page showing a design system based on your existing CSS? Interesting, I think the landing page could explain this better. The demo link above helps a lot, I think it should be more prominent in your copy.

Also name confused me to think it was an actual physical/digital book i can buy off amazon...

Great work!

Yes, that's right. It requires someone to wrap the HTML in '<Book>' tags but then it can autodetect the CSS Rules applied and display them.

I'm working on a new version of the homepage -- it's a hard concept to describe.

Sorry but I have a really hard time understanding what this does from the readme alone

Demo link shows a blank page in Safari iPhone (https://springload.github.io/lic-pattern-library/)

This should be fixed now, let me know how it goes

Not just iPhone. Safari on MBP also just a blank page.

This should be fixed now

(sorry but it took a while to find an iOS device to test on)

I'll fix this asap

Also blank in Chrome on iOS

Thanks, I believe it's fixed now. (Chrome on iOS is essentially Safari so I guess the similarity of errors was expected)

Didn't realize book on the top is a demo and you can actually click on it. Just one suggestion, dont try to create tgis red color busy background...u have a good idea here, just keep the page simple. Rivht now its confusing and hard to read on mobile phone

Who really want to use any fb's products after this data privacy violation scandal ?

Facebook isn’t getting anything out of me using their open-source JavaScript library that they couldn’t get anyway.

everyone quick, throw out your react apps!

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