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Going to throw another book in the ring. I generally recommend this book for people getting started, because it teaches them how to solve specific problems with real examples. The theoretical side of electronics can be quite daunting because of the sheer number of concepts and understanding of mathematics that are required.

Practical Electronics for Inventors covers a large number of important circuit/electronic concepts but grounds them in real world application. Perfect for getting your hands dirty while learning the most pragmatic aspects of electronic theory.

Seconded. While Art of Electronics is the classic text, this one is a bit more accessible. It has less depth but more breadth, and is less intimidating because of it.

I would agree, but with the caveat that the math sections of this book should only be skimmed (i.e. just plug numbers into the given formulas). The derivations & explanations are brief enough they will just be more confusing, but that is what art of electronics is better at. Although both books are excellent repositories of building block circuits, but I think for a hobbyist practical electronics for inventors is more approachable and easier to stick with.

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