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I think this is a bad trend. These university make basic courses free to gain popularity and then ask for big money for their real courses.

This is bad in two ways:

1) The people taking these courses do not learn much for the effort and time they spend. Also it gives them illusion that they know enough as they take course from big university.

2) Industry is already so confused in hiring, they hire by name. So even you take these courses and study in depth on your own you can't get hired. Someone more qualified can not get hired just because they can't pay 100k to get a degree in machine learning from one of these big university.

This is really a bad trend and we should spend time on real courses. Everyone knows that TV series are waste of time, these courses are like TV series. Stop watching them.

A course called "[Intro to] data science" should be taken about as seriously in hiring as "Intro to computer science", or "Intro to mechanical engineering". There's no reason these courses should bear any weight in hiring, and it's disingenuous to attempt to lead people to believe otherwise.

I was talking about people who study in depth on their own after the course.

What a bleak world you must live in if all TV counts as a waste of time. Does that extend to other forms of drama? Literature? Entertainment?

Even if you believe it's pointless it's pretty clear it's no something everyone else "knows".

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