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Good to know. I looked at this Berkeley course (along with some private offerings like General Assembly) and got the feeling that they really weren't worth the investment for a guy with a Math degree, a CS minor, and programming experience going back to childhood.

But I think I'd like some kind of formal, credentialed program that would build on my existing linear algebra + software skills (and address the weaknesses in my statistical understanding that I know are there based on how I felt about my grasp on the related material for even the classes I passed)... and maybe isn't quite as big an investment as a full-fledged master's degree.

Anybody have any suggestions?

This is exactly what we built at Lambda School - our data science/machine learning program has math (linear algebra, calculus) and CS (python) as pre-requisites, and is designed to train the rest of the way. It can also be free until you get hired in field.

It is a big commitment - 6 months full-time or one year part-time.


The Georgia Tech online masters?

Depending on what stats you want to do, there are some pretty decent MOOCs. No one is going to claim that Daphne Koller's PGM course is weak in anyway for example[1].

[1] https://www.coursera.org/learn/probabilistic-graphical-model...

A graduate certificate? Not sure what you’d want it in, something like this Applied Statistics option? https://www.worldcampus.psu.edu/degrees-and-certificates/app...

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