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I disagree with this. Every enterprise company has an analytical department, even more so in the public sector. My municipality has 8 guys working on analytics for instance.

They are mostly economics or (I’m not sure what it’s called in English, but it’s a degree in societal administration), but they really ought to be data scientists because everything they do is based on huge sql data sets.

We pay private contractors a lot of money to turn our data into cubes and manageable models because none of our analytics know how.

In 10 years I suspect anyone with that job title will need data science on their resume. Not just to manage the data, but also to start doing machine learning on it.

By comparison we have one network guy to run the network for 10.000 employees and 5000 students, with a backup guy who knows everything the first guy does but works with something else, you know, in case the first guy quits.

My municipality has 8 guys working on analytics for instance.

Do you propose that they should take a MOOC like this one, or that they should be replaced by MOOC graduates?

I think they’ll be replaced with candidates that mix economics and data science as they naturally retire or go elsewhere. If I was young in the field I’d definitely take a degree in data science, especially if I worked in the public sector where we’re much more willing to pay for your education as well as give you time off to take it.

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