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I'm a UC Berkeley alum. When I was there this was a course taken by humanity majors to learn some programming so that their Resume looks cooler. majority of STEM majors take CS 61A (SICP) or E7 (Programming in MATLAB). Just noting this as a context, this is not the class intended for CS majors; this : https://cs61a.org/ one is.

Or if you want to get experience with data science: Stats 134 (easy), CS188 (medium), CS189 (hard).

Meh, I disagree. CS 188 is not a very useful course. You can learn 188 material very quickly (i.e. reading Wikipedia for a couple hours) if you do well in CS170 and CS 189.

I think for data science: Stats 134, CS 189, EE 127, EE 126 are most useful (in this order). Of course, in order to do well in CS 189 you need to have a good background in probability which can either be CS 70/Math 55 (if very well understood), or Stats 134, or EE 126.

I personally thought Stats 134 was the hardest of those courses by far (though I took it under a visiting professor who was needlessly difficult). 188 was a breeze, and I believe the full course is offered for free on edx

CS 189 (with Sahai) (Machine Learning) was by far the hardest course I took in my life.

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