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MIT open courseware has a bunch of classes related to traditional CS topics. Also just searching universities you can find some. Data Science is the new hip class and it’s just very aggressively marketed. The other one being marketed heavily is intro to coding .

Their computer security class is amazing. All lectures, notes, labs, quizzes etc: https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-compu...

I think all MOOCs have traditional CS courses but marketing hype is on Data Science and ML. I remember doing Tim Roughgarden(StanFord) Algorithm course on Coursera. Loved it.

Good to know about OCW. Are there often videos as well as assignments? My issue in the past was that they often didn't have many of the teaching resources.

Intro to coding is a fascinating one. From a marketing/business standpoint it makes sense, but 3-4 it was extremely frustrating to see dozens of intro coding courses, but practically nothing for intermediate programmers. Thankfully we're past that point for the most part.

It depends on the class but they have videos and assignments there .

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