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Show HN: Typesense – typo tolerant, delightfully simple, open source search (typesense.org)
23 points by karterk on Apr 5, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

Hi HN,

We wanted a simple search engine that was fast, handled typographic errors out-of-the-box and was also simple to run and manage. We could not find one - so we built Typesense and are open sourcing it today. Before you ask: Elasticsearch is a great project but is far better suited for larger teams which have bandwidth to administer, scale and fine-tune it and when you want to store billions of documents. For those of us who are not in that bucket, we hope Typesense would help.

Happy to answer any questions!

Congrats on shipping! Love the instant search queries and the fuzzy text matching.

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