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I have a Wyze cam that I installed OpenIPC on. Very simple process if you’ve ever flashed a firmware before. OpenIPC lets you turn off the cloud stuff and I have mine pushing video over my local network to MotionEye on a Raspberry Pi. The Wyze has IR night vision but the IR can’t see through windows at night so be aware of that.

It was like $25 on Amazon, pretty good deal I think.

I've got the same thing going at home, tough to beat ~7 of these cameras flashed with OpenIPC for the cost of a single drop cam.

Got the rtsp stream connected up to smartthings and blue iris and have had zero trouble with them.

They're only $20 if you order from wyze.com

Does anyone know of a good Android viewer for RTSP? I'm probably going to proxy it with an HTTP webserver over TLS (if I can do that with RTSP? EDIT: Apparently I can't, I'll have to find a way to add authentication) to add basic auth, so the viewer will need to support that.

I use TinyCam on an Amazon Fire tablet to view my RTSP stream but only locally. Over the Internet I view the stream from MotionEye on my RPi using their authentication. In that case I can view it in the browser, no app needed.

Thank you, I didn't know of those apps, I'll try them now.

VLC is great-- it's what I use for viewing RTSP on my LAN.

VLC does the job but what you really want to do is run ffmpeg against it and generate HLS

They look the same as the camera being sold from https://openip.cam/ , but the price there is even cheaper: $12.99.

They're selling SD cards, not cameras

Ah gotcha, I read too fast.

Do you lose the push notifications when you use the custom firmware?

Yes you lose complete access to the Wyze app. There is another recommended app you can use to replace it called Mi Home but the point of this for me was to replace any cloud stuff.

That being said if you have a video server like MotionEye or maybe Smarthome has it (that was mentioned before), you can likely do some alerting based off that. I know MotionEye has email alerts and might have some other alerting that I don't use.

FWIW, I think you meant wyzecam.com. (Wyze.com redirects to Wyzestore.com which is down.)

EDIT: currently 2-3 weeks backordered on wyzecam.com and out of stock on Amazon.

What about wyze cam version 2? Will this work?

Looks great and I was started to look into it, but seems it's just within US (and even with that, probably only provide the power adapter for US plugs). I should have been more clear and indicated I live in the magical world of Europe (Spain specifically).

Thank you! I had no idea OpenIPC was out there! Going to be upgrading all my Wyze cameras tonight! This is amazing and EXACTLY what I wanted from Wyze!!!!

First time heard about openipc, checked its github, it is still just binary format though, thought 'open' means some source code...

Yeah, did the same. First reaction was regarding not finding any list anywhere of supported models, which is strange in itself. But the second point that they are still using a binary blob which no one knows what it does, doesn't feel very safe if you're worried about companies spying on you.

Is it? I see the whole file system layout on Github, or do you mean the firmware blob?

Can OpenIPC run on this Xiaomi camera? I just ordered it. Also, I'm assuming it's better than the software in this post, correct?

I’m pretty certain the Xiaomi and Wyze are the same camera, just in different packaging. Wyze is pretty honest that they don’t manufacture their own cameras. That being said, I think the software in the article is the same or very similar to OpenIPC. The web interface is identical. You’d probably get the same results with either camera.

Ah, fantastic, thank you.

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