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Workday | Senior iOS Developer | San Francisco | http://www.workday.com | ONSITE full-time

Workday is a large and growing (public with a ~$30B market cap) enterprise software company, and we're looking for skilled intermediate or senior iOS developers to join my Media Cloud team in downtown SF. You’ll be working with an agile development team to develop a top-notch video player and interactive video features for Workday’s application suite.

Our team is passionate and curious, and looking for developers who are the same. We value our employees above all, and believe that a kind, collaborative, and diverse team will produce better products.

Workday's software suite includes HCM, Financials, Recruiting, Learning, and more. Our software powers the world's largest and best businesses, like Amazon, Netflix, Patagonia, Wal-Mart, Sony, Toyota, VMware, Visa, and Yale University.

You'll mainly be working in Swift on iOS development. But you’ll also end up touching plenty of other programming languages, including web technologies - learning on the job is expected. We are looking for candidates with 3-5+ years of full-time paid iOS work experience.

If you're interested, shoot me an email: charlie.stigler@workday.com

I'm a senior engineering manager at Workday with a startup background (Workday acquired us in 2016) - would love to talk to you if this job description sounds like a fit. =)

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