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Code Ocean | Front-end Developers & Back-end Developers | Early Stage | Full-Time | ONSITE, Tel Aviv, REMOTE, Europe | Salary commensurate with experience

* Product: Code Ocean (https://codeocean.com/) is an online computational reproducibility platform. Our core audience is scientists, and we help them prepare, publish, and share code & data accompanying their published research. We work hand-in-hand with journals and universities to make computational reproducibility -- the ability to look at someone else’s code and have it ‘just run’, without any work on the reader’s part -- the default for academic research.

* Traction: ongoing partnerships with academic publishers, e.g. IEEE (http://theinstitute.ieee.org/resources/products-and-services...) and Taylor & Francis (https://authorservices.taylorandfrancis.com/using-code-withi...), and more soon-to-be-announced.

* Stack: Docker, AWS, JavaScript (React), Go, CouchDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, and Python.

* Hiring: Experienced Front-end Developers and Back-end Developers.

* Applying: please email contact@codeocean.com, with the role you are applying for in the subject line, and any relevant information.

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