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I am a closeted hobbyist musician in a rather small niche (contemporary christian music in Spanish LOL)but I don't want to live off my music. I just want to be heard by somebody. And today, trough distrokid plus spotify this is sooo posible. Which wouldn't have been in my wildest of dreams 20 years ago when I wanted to start a band with my friends. Or even 10, when I toured with a small time ska band. And since my goal is being heard and not profit I would be glad to pay for listeners.

And I don't think I'm the only one.

> a rather small niche (contemporary christian music in Spanish LOL)

I would have expected this to be a very large niche? How do the Latin American / Spanish markets treat Christian music?

Well, at least in Mexico there is no christian radio nor a big christian music industry (no Top 20 charts or any of that). So that means touring and doing the old church pilgrimage and hoping that your style of music isn't offending to some people. The chances are bigger if you land a ministry on a big church but that's not my case.

People have been able to listen to music over the Internet for about twenty years at this point. Why do you think you can only do it with Spotify?

I don't know, I'm just a happy user of Spotify. Distrokid allows me to publish on every platform with a click, most of which I have't used.

And from the big ones (Apple, Google, Amazon) I feel like Spotify is the most motivated to make the music thing work. I think discovery is the key here. For the others is a small side hobby.

And also you'd be surprised by the digital music scene in latin America. Most people still fill their android devices with pirated music. Spotify is one of the cheapest legal option.

How do people find your music?

They don't.

Well, I have only released a single and plan to release an EP later this year and I'll figure out what to do. I'm thinking Facebook ads since I figure there's where my audience will be, but I don't really know.

I wish I was more photogenic so I could do the YouTube thing but, alas, I'm not.

That's where I think Spotify comes handy, because it has helped me to discover awesome artists that I wouldn't otherwise and I wish it could do the same for my music and other small artists.

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