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Telegram doesn't use end-to-end encryption by default. It's marketed as a secure messenger, but it's comparable to Facebook Messenger or Google Allo.

As I've mentioned in the post above, telegram simply does not have "secret chats" available on Desktop.

So, if you use Secret chat on mobile and go to desktop, you'll not see it!

Switching back and forth between secret and not secret is troublesome especially when the other side doesn't know if you are on desktop or mobile to check availability for secret chat.

Which desktop client did you try? The official Mac client, at least, has secret chat just like the mobile clients (I just used it yesterday)

Note that Telegram secret chats are end to end encrypted (default chats are not) but you're still dealing with the Telegram server (not peer to peer)

I tried arch linux one.

I have just installed the Mac client and it allows to create new secret chat but it does not show the secret chats created before on your phone. At least that is what happened to me.

AFAIK Telegram for OSX does support secret chats: https://macos.telegram.org/ I don't know about the other platforms

Which platform? I only use Mac for a GUI OS and that has secret chats for Telegram.

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