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Envision AI | iOS Developer | Delft, The Netherlands | Remote/Onsite, Fulltime | www.letsenvision.com

We're building a visual recognition platform that's helping visually impaired people live more independently. This is currently in the form of an iOS app. We're growing pretty fast and need a full time iOS intern or a professional part-timer who can give us 25-30 hours a week minimum. We're okay with remote applications from around the world.

We're currently working on the cutting edge in deep-learning on mobile space. This would be a great opportunity to break new ground together. We're also very active in the iOS Accessibility community and have given talks/workshops in a lot of leading EU accessibility conferences.

Here's what we're looking for:

- Experience with Swift.

- Experience with AV Foundation.

- Working knowledge of Node.js.

- Experience with Obj-C, OpenCV/Core Image is a plus.

You can write to us at karthik@letsenvision.com. Please send us your CV and some of the apps you've worked on as a sample.

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