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Apps and scripts that make exported Facebook data easier to handle and organise (exportfb.com)
108 points by alentodorov 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments

What I really miss is a message reading and search program that handles megabytes of text in DOM without freezing the browser.

I built a elasticsearch importer for fb messages and a simple web frontend that did this pretty well for many many megabytes of messages. Wouldn't mind cleaning it up if people were interested in using it. [edit: will upload here later: https://github.com/iainnash/messenger-explorer/]

Will you be OK of including your project to the list?

The parallax effect is confusing and causes clipping on the "Latest Apps" text.

Thanks for the heads-up. Removed it.

And 'these instructions'. And 'to this repo'.

So wait, Facebook is not trustworthy enough to handle your personal data but a random website on the internet is ?

One is a local application, one is a Ruby script, one is a client-side browser application which doesn't send any data. Only one app listed on this site so far needs to bring your data to a server, and they at least say they don't retain it after processing.

I did notice that the one client-side only one says they're working on building a storage app, which presumably, the client-side browser app will eventually be usable as their import tool.

Right, how do I know there isn’t an HTTP POST buried in these scripts somewhere?

I'm looking for a script to download all data from a group. Anyone got anything for this?

A website targeted at liberating your data from Facebook, and it's running on Google AMP... nice.

I know they're not equivalent in any way, but some consideration for the audience might be expected given the general topic of the day.

FB Photo Exporter only downloads photos you've been tagged in and that you've uploaded.

Also fails if you disallow it from seeing your email address with a "someone is already using that email address" error.

I think it'll be pretty handy to have a list of tools like this. I personally want a little web app (selfhostable, obviously) that I can easily both store and browse my old exports.

Contact info summary is great. Something I'd love to have is exporting friends' birthdays into my calendar. That and contact info is really all I need from Facebook.

Are these usable offline?

Except for "FB Photo Explorer" they all work client-side / offline. I think I should add this to each app or script on the homepage.

It should read "Download all your data first using THESE instructions." right?

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