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Show HN: A site that lets you search and subscribe to “Who is hiring?” (whoishiring.me)
255 points by rutierut on April 3, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 43 comments

Meta: Some other projects that also build on top of who is hiring:

  - https://hnjobs.emilburzo.com/  
  - http://gaganpreet.github.io/hn-hiring-mapped/src/web/  
  - http://whereis-whoishiring-hiring.me/  
  - https://www.hackernewsjobs.com/  
  - https://www.hntrends.com/

This is my favorite one: https://whoishiring.io/

This one and OP's link are my favorite 2 so far. I like the filtering/sorting that whoishiring.me has but I love the map view and home page of whoishiring.io.

Thanks for all the positive comments guys! If you have any questions I'm glad to answer them!

- Tech This application uses Vue.js on the front-end, GCP cloud functions on the back end for all the processing with GCP Datastore as DB for the listings and Firebase for hosting. I wanted something that was easy to maintain and where the cost would nicely scale with the usage.

Great job :) As a front-end dev wanting to improve my design capabilities I was wondering how did you design yours? Did you just use some CSS framework and/or theme? If so, which is it? Looks great!

Ah thank you so much! No I did not use a CSS framework, somehow I still very often give it another shot when designing a new website (this time I decided to give BootstrapVue a chance) but I just really really don't like them (https://hackernoon.com/a-case-against-css-frameworks-bea9a69... <- here is why but not really relevant TBH). To sum up that link, they just get in the way. I do have one golden rule, which I also almost every time try to skip but end up going back to do it anyway which is to design my website upfront in something like Sketch (or Photoshop etc.) because in these applications you are not guided in the direction of what standard HTML looks like/what is easy with CSS, usually this difference is day/night for me. So design wise I build everything from scratch, there is one funny detail though... I am absolutely certain that if I was not using Sketch my designs would look different, I really like the thin gray borders it provides by default, minimize your tools so they don't shape your design but you do!

I'd suggest sending an email immediately on subscription, to confirm that works and doesn't go to spam.

This one looks a bit better than many. Always bothers me the number of sites based on the apparent premise that all of us want full-time and on-site traditional employment. Even the sites that cater to remote work overlook that at least some of us would prefer to freelance.

Great work. Question, Product Managers don't naturally fit in your 3 pre-determined job types. How do I get notified about them?

You might want to put it in the search box as a term and include it in your subscription by clicking the checkbox (you can search for multiple things by separating them with comma's) I'll eventually make this easier as I have gotten multiple request for this but that's a good temporary solution. Hope this helps!

Also, is there a good, dedicated resource for PM jobs?

You might consider merging "NYC" and "New York City" and "New York, NY", or returning the superset of those three whenever one of those terms is entered for the location.

This is useful, good job.

Note that your search suggestion "Scala" also returns results with no reference to the language, but containing "scalable" in the text.

Ah that's a bit sloppy, thanks you for the kind words! Luckily a minor bug, I expect I'll have this fixed around tomorrow.

I like it!

For Tanium, it looks like your salary filter is hiccuping a bit: "$80-170k+, bonuses, equity (RSUs)" became "$80-170k+, , Equity ()" which is not wrong, but definitely looks a bit funny.

Also, there seems to be a bit more fundamental problem that many posts cover multiple roles, but the site roughly equates one post to one role. Not sure if there's an easy way around that, though.

Working on this, the subscribe bar already takes into account (that a job can have multiple open positions listed in it) but I want to split post into multiple entries too so it represents the data better.

Remote should be a location.

Semi-agreed. Sometimes, I want remote jobs in the US (the pay is generally better), but I don't care where exactly. I definitely don't want remote jobs just from a specific city/area, though.

Clicking back after visiting a link clears the search. Should keep it as a query parameter.

Good one! Added it to my TODO's. In the future I'm also planning to make the link visiting a bit easier

"Brooklyn Nýja Suður-Wales, Australia" interesting to see what happened there! There is a Brooklyn in NSW, which I have been to (very quaint) but what is going on with the translation to (Icelandic?). Is someone scraping google maps data via Proxy / VPN?

The toggle for Remote returns non-remote opportunities. e.g. this dollar shave club role [1] is returned, and is marked as ONSITE in its heading.

Great tool. I'll definitely use this.

1: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16736533

Bug report: Onai's job is listed as located in Bangalore whereas they're located[1] in Silicon Valley and have nothing to do with Bangalore.

1. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16735406

What an ace site! Nice one! But... we are hiring too, but our company doesn't show up! What gives?

Ah sorry for this, the listings from the past ~8 hours have not yet been included, this is a temporary bug and should be fixed soon!

EDIT: Should be fixed now!

The default for visa / relocation appears to be set to "no—even if the post doesn't mention either. Could be a bit misrepresenting, maybe add a third option of "n/a" or "not provided"?

Good idea, I'll implement that it's a bit misleading indeed.

Thanks for these! are the arrows next to the categories fully functional? I am able to get each sorted alphabetically once, but can't then sort it via the opposite order.

Solid looking application! Pretty clever to auto-filter the jobs when filling out the 'subscribe'-bar, as i thought it was the 'search'-bar ;)

The amount of jobs comparable to the other whoishiring aggregator isn't very good but the ability to subscribe is an incredible addition. Good job!

This should be fixed now and all the new listings should be up (until a few hours ago), I'm working on making it ~real time which should be ready next month.

Very nice! One bug: for O(1) Labs, it lists freelance (the position is actually full-time).

Am I crazy or is the default city of San Francisco spelled incorrectly?

Haha I KNEW this would happen, next level dyslectic here, tried so hard to avoid this but names are always hard, should be fixed now, thanks!

True. It’s listed as ‘San Fransisco’ in the search field.

Really well done. How long did this take you to build?

Perfect use of the .me ccTLD :) Also clean and useful, nice job.

> No JavaScript? No problem! Everything should work.

Thank you!

Great work ! How you curate these data? Crawling?

Can you filter by intern positions?

This is dependent on the individual poster in the Who Is Hiring thread (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16735011).

Though if you're good, try punching above your weight. My experience with interns has been largely positive and they were easily doing junior/intermediate level work that was being shipped to production.

Those intern positions are usually for university students, and as a highschooler, they're already sort of punching above my weight :)

Internship positions should have "INTERNS" in their comment header, so it should be relatively easy for OP to allow filtering by intern spots (maybe in the full time/part time/freelance dropdown?)

This is cool!

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