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Show HN: Travel spontaneously on a budget (wander.am)
238 points by johmu 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 141 comments

I like the idea, but it needs more work.

Bug 1: After searching, I clicked to another tab for a couple of minutes, and then back to it. It popped up a dialog saying "it's been a while, we need to refresh your results", and then reset my search to the original form state. Quite annoying, especially since I'm on a VPN and location-detection therefore has me in a different state.

Bug 2: OK, so I stuck with the original $1000 budget. It offered me a trip to New York, NY, for several nights. I click into New York, and now it shows hotel rooms starting from $2500 and down -- i.e. it forgets the budget as soon as you start looking at details, making the entire premise of it useless. When you click into a "package" why don't you divide results into frugal ("save on accomodation to have more spending money"), on-budget ("here's what you can afford"), and spend-a-little-extra ("for a bit more, you can upgrade to...") sections?

Bug 3: And as said elsewhere, get rid of the dark patterns. It makes you look scammy.

I've noticed that nearly every travel website does this--you search within a budget, find something you really like, but once you go through the checkout flows, you realize it actually costs 25-50% more than what they said it did.

It's such an annoying dark pattern that me and my wife have been working on our own weekend travel website [0] that is upfront about all pricing, e.g. we include fees in the price when possible, e.g. deposits for rentals, cleaning fees, etc. And we won't show outdated flight information (some of these sites show fares from over 24hrs ago).

[0]: https://travelalpacamybags.com

The url is a bit large, maybe shorten it to travalpaca.com or alpacamybags.com? I love it overall though.

Unfortunately, the owner of alpacamybags.com wants ~$2,500, which is a little too far out of this site's allotted budget at the moment. I've tried to negotiate other amounts. Will look into it in the future for sure, but right now I think it's fine. Most people that find us don't type the URL anyways.

Just snagged travelalpaca.com, though. Thanks for the tip!

If you can get in touch with the owner, I imagine they would be willing to drop that price significantly since it's a good fit for you but you clearly don't "need it."

$1,000 in the hand is way better than $2,500 that never comes.

I've actually already tried negotiations via domainagents.com--they don't seem to want to go below $2,000, which is unfortunate. But like I said, not a big deal either way. Maybe later on.

Heh, well, sucks to be that guy, then. Because uBlock blocks that domain as it stands right now.

Looks like namecheap wants $2,300 for alpacamybags.com

Hope it takes off. Such an awesome name and simple format.

Congrats on the great site!

Small suggestion: the "what city" input threw me off because there was no autosuggest menu, like on most other travel sites. It felt like I was blindly typing in something, and that I'd only find out if you accepted that value after clicking "Find" (instead of knowing right away thanks to the autosuggest, what works and what doesn't).

Case in point: when I type "st petersburg" without an autosuggest, are you defaulting to Florida or Russia? What about "springfield"? :-) [0]

Second point: I entered "yul" instead of Montreal, and that threw a 400 error. An autosuggest menu would have helped here too :-) and I do think that you should support three letter airport codes.

Ah.. just saw "We only support US travelers" in small print. I hope you expand..! Cheers


Found small typo on [1]: "Casinoa" instead of "Casino"

Also: the underlined, but not hyperlinked text threw me off. I understand it as a design choice (it does look nice), but wondering if there'd be another way of conveying "this is important" without using underlining.


[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Springfield#United_States [1] https://travelalpacamybags.com/bookings/new?listing=6b0c1c8d...

Appreciate the suggestions. An autocomplete menu is on my list, just haven't gotten around to it yet. And the complaint about the underlined text is something I've heard many times now, so I'm going to change that soon as well. Thanks!

I like this a lot, especially the artwork/design. Can I make two suggestions?

1. Consider shortening the name, this is really just a subjective thing but a shorter name is easier to remember/type. Maybe just "Alpaca"

2. Load time is really slow after clicking "Find a getaway", the loading screen sat there for a while. Consider showing only first few results and dynamically loading the rest

Nice work!

Thanks for the feedback. We, and other people too, usually refer to it as "Alpaca", so we'll see where that goes. For now, I think the name is punny, but will keep that in mind for the future. As far as load times--I'm definitely working on that; sometimes it even times out and shows a Heroku error page, which is no good at all (Heroku has a hard 30s timeout). Hopefully that will be resolved within the coming weeks, and like you said, looking at showing results as they come in via websockets instead of waiting for all searches to complete.

You may just need to upgrade your dyno?

Definitely shorten the URL. But I second the other comments - really nice UI, looks great!

It doesn't look like a memory issue--more of a latency issue with third-party APIs (some of them can take quite awhile to send back a response). But either way, I will look into upgrading the dyno and/or database to see if that helps. I think implementing websockets and rendering results as they come in would be my best bet, but it would add additional complexity, and I'm not a big fan of that at this stage.

But.. Alpaca My Bags is such a lovely pun!

Feature request/idle question: is it in principle possible to build something like this:

I want to see a stack-ranked-by-price list of all international flights on arbitrary dates from my home airport(s), possibly with some filtering such as "exclude Asia" or "Europe only" etc.

This would be cool because it would let me decide "I want to go somewhere on day X, but I don't care where. Let's pick the cheapest place." I can see this leading to adventures.

Map view on Google Flights is probably the best option for this. It's kind of slow and wonky and probably has some stale data, but I haven't seen anything better.

In principle, yes you can build this. In practice, no air provider/aggregator wants you to be running that many low conversion searches across their inventory. So you can try to (very slowly) aggregate results yourself across a wide variety of free services to cover a sufficient number of airlines+destinations, or sign some paid deal with an aggregator to do it for you, and then probably still have to run a bunch of distinct searches for every destination you want to cover. This isn't particularly economical to provide as a service.

This is amazing - I can't wait to see it work on a larger scale, for overseas travel!

One suggestion - could you add some way to filter results? By state, by city, etc - searching from my hometown i see like a dozen results for the same city with different lodgings. Would be great to say "No, I'd rather not go to Tennessee", or "I want to go to casinos, show me the ones with that tag".

Filters are high on my list, and one of the reasons we're currently tagging getaways. Thanks for the suggestion!

Love this. I was going to work on something similar to this (and wander.am) but specifically for outdoorsy vacations.

I did some Google searches to find competitors and wasn't able to find anything. But I imagined the space was pretty crowded. This thread is proving my original suspicion true.

Anyway, I hope to use your site in the future. And I wish you luck [=

In most cities, hotel taxes alone can add 10-15%. That's on top of regular sales tax.

So a "$100/night" room can easily end up costing $125 or more.

That's actually one reason why we've chosen to focus more on rental properties--they're usually in a better location, and they end up being more affordable. We still have a few hotels here and there, though, especially if the rooms are nice.

The design of your site is very pleasing, nice one. Is there a common name for this style? It looks familiar but I'm not sure from where.

Not that I know of, other than sensible design. I used Slack's original 'playful' brand as inspiration by pairing a more rounded font with a vibrant color palette. But thank you!

This site looks awesome! What did you use to build it?

Especially like the design and color palette.

Thanks! The site is built with Node and Postgres, mainly.

Switch off notifications, remove the "X people looking at this" (creepy), make sure to have city-wide codes not just airports, don't offer travel to the SAME city the user is already known to be in. (EDIT: didn't see that it listed it as car+hotel when in my own city - makes sense but was still surprised. Including trips to the same city should perhaps be an option in the search?).

Edit: also: rarely interested in flights with 2 stops for a 1 night holiday - "direct only" needs to be an option.

Also I'd like to see a savings calculator. If I'm in Oslo, a $500 trip to Copenhagen feels like I could find it almost every day (the normal might be $520) but next to it might be a $500 trip to New Zealand - that HAS to be a more rare deal that I really should jump on. Or is it?

Otherwise - great idea and neat execution.

The X people looking at this is something hotels.com and such do as well - mind you it's probably one of the many dark patterns that sites like that employ to create fake scarcity / popularity, similar to "x people booked in the last y hours" or "only x seats / rooms left at this price"

>"The X people looking at this is something hotels.com and such do as well - mind you it's probably one of the many dark patterns that sites like that employ to create fake scarcity / popularity, similar to "x people booked in the last y hours" or "only x seats / rooms left at this price"

I have started to refuse to use sites that employ this "high pressure" nonsense such as booking.com/hotels.com. Even if you could trust this information who cares how many people are currently looking or have booked a hotel room in the last day? It makes for a really sleazy feeling experience and and a visual nightmare. It's like a virtual used car salesman.

Would you shop at a store that insisted on annoying you with such "pressure tactics" while you trying to buy food or clothes?

Vote with your wallet if possible.

Don't high pressure sales tactics get stock sellers in trouble?

> The X people looking at this is something hotels.com and such do as well

This site was telling me that "54 people are currently looking at the same route" when I was looking at Perth to Singapore. That felt unlikely to me, were there really 54 people from Perth all viewing that page at once?

That was one reason I left the site, but the other was that the search results were taking forever to complete.

Exactly, it’s only used as a dark pattern elsewhere. Which it why it has creepy asociations. I know it’s fake scarcity there and here I’m not sure what it is...

Just as some feedback, it saw that I was based in London, auto-selected Heathrow as my base airport and the first trip it offered me was a $800 trip to London. Don't think I'll be taking you guys up on that offer.

And I would also like to see the code LON for all airports around London. If I am to take a GBP 5k trip to Fiji, I don't really mind if it starts from Heathrow or City of Gatwick :)

Had a similar experience where I live. It looks like the algorithm decides you don't need a flight to where you live, just a hotel, so the overall amount ends up cheaper. Switching from Flight + Hotel to Flight Only gave me a more meaningful result.

Weird. "You don't need a flight to the place you already live" makes sense, but why would you need a hotel?

Same for Montreal

It would be neat if you could work in visa requirements as well so that it only includes visa-free or visa-on-arrival destinations.

I find easy visas a privilege that not many western travellers are aware of; If I wanted to travel somewhere most of the time I need to first apply for a visa (which can take several weeks). This includes a fee, photographs and fingerprints, and an interview. Not to mention the airline tickets and hotel bookings. When I talk with American friends they complain that their visa-on-arrival is only for 60 days instead of 90 and "it's so unfair". /rant

Visa requirements depend on a lot of things, including obviously what passport you hold (multiple selection), there's transit issues too -- if you hold an Afghan passport you can travel to Svalbard without a visa, but you can't fly there from Oslo because that requires a Schengen visa. In fact you can't even transit airside at Schipol. However if you hold a specific type of Canada residency permit you can.

And even once you clear the visa problems, you then get into yellow fever documentation. Do you need to take a yellow fever certificate if you transit via Addis Abiba on the way to South Africa?

+1 for this, since most of the countries I would like to travel have some requirements for me. This would save me quite some time

Hotels, flights: Maybe. But not all of "Travel". I was offered a flight to Amsterdam for 850 or so US$. Not living that far from there the cheapest train ticket to there is 40€. And that's from my train station a few minutes of walking away, not an airport an hour's drive away & with all the airport related hassles.

I've seen this kind of service before. It's not new. Flight search engines are common. Don't many already have something like this integrated?

That said: an actual "Travel spontaneously on a budget" site would be great, but it'd be much larger in scope.

You might want to team up with some travel site like TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet and integrate local budget (we're on a budget) offers like the DB Sparpreisfinder.

For transport theres https://www.rome2rio.com/ which is pretty nice about showing the different modes you have available.

Why are you trying to get permissions for browser notifications? That is incredibly annoying and immediately makes me distrust the site.

It's so frustrating the number of websites that ask for this when you land on their page now days. It reminds me of the bad old days of popups.

".. wants to send you notifications", "... wants to know your location", etc. are insta-close-never-come-back-again sites.

Indeed incredibly annoying.

Came here to ask the same question. Browser notifications should be requested when the user explicitly asks for them to be enabled.

Flight search UI is janky as fuck, recommended I spend €4,000 on a hotel for a six night "budget" trip, and the FOMO notifications are infuriating. Hard pass.

It looks nice, but it feels a bit anachronistic to exclusively focus on air travel in 2018 considering the environmental impact of aeroplanes. Recommending flights from Schiphol (Amsterdam) to nearby Brussels or London without showing more eco-friendly alternatives (Thalys and Eurostar, or even ferries) is a bit disappointing.

Travel does not necessarily mean taking a flight somewhere (especially in Europe).

I strongly recommend Rome2rio (https://www.rome2rio.com/) for searching through a wider variety of transport means (as well as its fantastic ability to plot out a full route door to door, with suburban trains/buses/taxis at each end to get you to/from the airport/station/port).

That said, it's not really designed as a "travel inspiration" site - it's for people who have figured out where they're going and want to plan out the details of how to get there.

That's wonderful! It's also the minimum the submission would need to fulfill the promise.

>It looks nice, but it feels a bit anachronistic to exclusively focus on air travel in 2018 considering the environmental impact of aeroplanes.


As if plane travel travel got out of style?

Anachronistic as in taking plane travel as the starting point for a trip without considering greener alternatives goes against the trend of being more conscious about your personal ecological footprint.

Is that trend anything less of some "urban vegan hipster" concern, that doesn't even do a dent in global flights, where in fact, more people fly now, more often, than ever?

In other words, is this a non-trend, that only affects a tiny self-congratulating minority?

It might be a good thing, but until it is an actual thing, with mass impact and all, it's hardly an obvious critique on a new travel website that it lacks it.

No, it's not a small trend, trains are quite a big thing in certain places of the world.

Agreed, that's exactly what I've been felt is missing. I'm not sure about flights+hotels, but for flights alone the tools already existed (Adioso, Google Flights).

Alas, I still haven't found any that let me do the same for trains and buses. GoEuro already lets you search, but you have to choose a specific destination.

Cheap buses shouldn't be too hard with the proliferation of Flixbus etc. (Amsterdam → Berlin starts at €29), but as a 200cm Dutchman travelling by coach definitely does not fall within my definition of an acceptable mode of travel for leisure (neither does flying for that matter).

Finding cheap train fairs is indeed a puzzle sometimes! It helps a lot to have some familiarity with the major European train companies, the major high-speed connections, and how to book the discounted tickets in advance (incidentally, Amsterdam → Berlin starts at €39,90 when booked two months in advance). Of course seat61.com is useful too as a general source of information.

What I really miss is a tool that shows me destinations that can be comfortably reached by a combination of day-time and sleeper trains on dates that still have discount tickets available. Nothing beats waking up early in the morning in Vienna or Munich in a sleeper train; it's like getting a free day of travel, and you arrive fairly well-rested instead of weary from travel. I'm not doing anything useful in my sleep (besides sleeping), so I might as well spend that time travelling.

Agreed on the need to include more than just flights especially when traveling through Europe.

However SkyScanner just updated their capabilities to include Train travel on their booking similar to GoEuro. I still believe SkyScanner to be the best travel website for finding cheap flights and also includes the option to just search a country name like "Spain" or even "Everywhere".

I'm excited to see SkyScanner merge the technology of including buses/trains with the ability to explore non-specific destinations.


if we're talking budget travel, a 12 EUR bus from Amsterdam to Brussels should definitely be on the list

tbh if the scope of your search is popular tourist cities a three hour train or bus ride from me, you probably skip the website for suggesting a perfect travel destination" you might not have thought of and go straight to the hotel/hostel booking site...

Yet the minimum budget is 150$.

Schiphol to London is a 4-6 hour trip by train though, and up until they started with a €35 ticket, could not compete with planes on price. It still can't compete on time.

It's a close call though. Schiphol recommends arriving at least two hours before departure for European flights (and in the busy seasons this has proven not to be an exaggeration!), and you still need transfer to London itself.

The Eurostar conveniently terminates at King's Cross St. Pancras. This year the direct London → Amsterdam Eurostar service is being introduced, with the reverse following soon after, cutting down travel time even further.

Also, legroom, comfort, and very few luggage restrictions (especially weight, and no restrictions on fluids either, so bring along that bottle of wine and make it a picnic!).

If Eurostar didn't have the silly security theatre or 30 minute minimum checkin (A BA flight from LCY to Amsterdam has a 20 minute checkin, BA from Heathrow is 35 minutes if you're handluggage only) then you'd be right.

For people traveling from Amsterdam to London. Want to go to Reading or anywhere west of London? Flight, no brainer. Want to go to Birmingham? Fly to Birmingham.

St Pancras is still a tube ride from most places you want to go to even in central London. If you're aiming at Docklands it's a long way. Crossrail will help a fair bit with Heathrow too.

That's not to say that eurostar isn't often the right option -- the wifi and mobile coverage isn't that bad, and most of the trip can be productive - especially if you want to get your head down in some coding, security is marginally less annoying than airports.

Seeing this picture for one of the European capitals is funny: https://d19wm5yhteu8df.cloudfront.net/destination/images/att... . Slovaks will find it less amusing I think.

Also, when I click the picture (it's for Bratislava), I see mismatched cities:

    Flights to Bratislava
    (Flights from Prague (PRG) to Vienna (VIE))
Looks like there's still some QA to do.

To be fair Bratislava isn't that far from Vienna (it's nearer than "London Southend" is from London), and BTS only has about 20 flights a day, none long haul.

It's not our capital, but Haifa with some quarter million people has places like that right in the middle of the city. Small isolated house on a hill, dirt road and all.

It's not about that such places can't exist, just whether they are representative of the destination

SkyScanner is still the king when searching for flights coupled with the "Explore" option which will return the cheapest flight destinations. You can also simply search for a country such as "Greece" and the results will rank the cheapest airports from your departure.

When including other travel options such as Trains, Buses (Flixbus), GoEuro shows these methods, but without the "Explore" capability.

SkyScanner just announced the ability to include train travel which hopefully will be a marriage of these technologies.


to compare multiple modes and even combine them https://www.rome2rio.com/ is great

Why must the search be constrained by dates? If I'm providing a start location, and a budget, I'd like to see options for travel regardless of dates - indeed I'd hope this would allow for more flexibility to stay within the budget.

I've always wondered this myself. Wouldn't travel companies want to open this information up? It seems like it would be a good use of price discrimination.

2018 and no Unicode support? "Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport (GDN)" shows as "Gda?sk Lech Wa??sa Airport (GDN)" in the "what's your home base" box.

Correctly identified my local airport (Manchester), however failed to recognise my local currency (GBP).

Hilarious costs too for a "budget", and a default of 10 days away isn't spontaneous. My shortest short-distance flight booking was 82 minutes, my shorted long haul was 18 hours (for work), and 3 days (for leisure)

My dos centavos ... Running NoScript, giving full js permission to the primary domain and all (apparently) relevant 2ndary domains, home page still doesn't resolve.

If you need google, facebook and pinterest just to display a landing page, I'm never gonna use your site.

For me it's an immediate turnoff if my browser tells me a site wants to show notifications. A notification means a site wants the right to bug me for my attention when I want to be doing something else. I can think of about 1 site that I think deserves that right. Especially because most content sites want to abuse that right to pull your attention back if you forgot to close the tab after you were done. So I always hit 'Block', and then I feel less warm about the site for asking.

Ditto the annoying Intercom popup that takes up way too much screen real estate. If I want to ask a question, I'll come to you.

It may be just me, but I suspect a lot of HN is has similar grumpiness levels about this sort of thing.

Same for the “18 people are currently looking at this route”.

I know a lot of travel sites do it, but I don’t see how it adds any value for me to know that (if it is even true)

I looked up flights from Windhoek, Namibia to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and there were 34 people currently looking at that route.

So, the site is just posting inaccurate information in an attempt to increase sales. I don't understand how a person or a business can think this is acceptable behavior, and they lost all my trust in a matter of minutes.

“Looking at this route” in context maybe means number of tickets on hold with the airline, or number of searches for that route in the past day on SABRE, as opposed to active users on that site right now.

Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt as to that number being an accurate count of something, though agree it’s a high-pressure sales tactic that turns me off.

I'm not going to give OP the benefit of the doubt. New York to Chicago only shows 18 people looking at that route, so unless this site is trending in Namibia, then the OP has some explaining to do.

As far as I can see, the OP is just pulling numbers out of thin air in an attempt to line his pockets with our money, and I think it's disgusting.

This is a dark pattern akin to booking.com, to create time pressure for you, not provide actual value.

If the latter were true, then sometimes it should say "You are the only one looking at this hotel. Take your time!"

But no. Travelling to the most obscure places across Asia I have NEVER seen anything but hordes people looking at my hotel in Kampong Cham. Probably different dates too.

I am willing to bet it is derived from /dev/urandom adjusted to the size of the establishment.

>Travelling to the most obscure places across Asia I have NEVER seen anything but hordes people looking at my hotel in Kampong Cham

Haha, this is so relatable. Not a long time ago I arrived at my "high in demand, better book RIGHT NOW" guesthouse somewhere in Mondul Kiri Province and had to wake up personnel in their hammocks. Turns out they had no bookings for some days …

> This is a dark pattern akin to booking.com, to create time pressure for you, not provide actual value.

It's only a dark pattern if the number is bullshit. If the number was accurate then it would be a helpful feature, especially if they also took into account conversion ratios on that route and gave the user a real time table for how long they could realistically wait before booking the flight/hotel.

Yeah, that really puts you in the booking.com category of dark patterns. Tricks like that diminish the trustworthiness of a website.

Plus.. 20 people looking at the same hotel, doesn't mean they are looking for the same dates. But for the non-detail-oriented people this forces them to make a hasty decision (that will most likely regret down the line).

I don't agree with the practice, but creating a sense of urgency is very common in marketing.

It's a call to action. If you see that 18 people are looking at that route and there's 1 flight that's really cheap then it's an incentive to quickly book that flight before the last seat is sold out. It's also the reason why other OTAs will list sold out hotel rooms or say "2 seats left" for a flight and why Amazon will put "3 left in stock" for certain items.

this is called 'growth hacking' and now everyone seems to be doing it

I blocked* Intercom for all websites some time ago. The thing that annoyed me more than the actual widget were the tab titles changing to "<random name> says…" every second or so. That made me want to close the tab and never go back.

* – by adding this to uBlock filters, if you want it too:


While we're dumping, it's worth noting that there is no browser size for which that chat popup doesn't completely obscure at least one search result.

Since there are 3 search results above the fold, that's an issue.

Maybe move it to the left, or add space to the right for it to live. Or keep it minimized. Or give it some way for the user to minimize it on their own.

Also, it beeps at me. That's the signal for me to find and close whatever tab had the discourtesy of doing that.

Definitely. I really don't understand this sudden obsession with every website wanting to show notifications.

It’s a marketing channel that increases conversion rate overall, you might deny access but a % of people don’t (maybe some even find it useful) and those people convert very easily. So basically if you enable push notifications you make more money.

In other words, the usual spammer business model: "go for the suckers."

In Firefox you can disable all notifications (and thus all popups asking for notifications to be allowed) in about:config, setting `dom.webnotifications.enabled` to false.

I don't miss it at all.

I clicked on Philadelphia and the results pane wouldn't scroll - your comment is spot on (why would anyone want notifications from any application that isn't based on real-time communications) but I'm also irritated by the current trend of hacking out the browser's native behavior. Just let the content scroll (infinite scrolling is a nice DOM hack though).

EDIT: I just looked at what Ghostery, TrackMeNot and uBlock Origin blocked - it's a pretty big percentage of the non-image content.

I could not agree more. If my first visit to a website includes this popup asking to show notifications, my opinion of said website is instantly lowered.

Give me a service that makes me want to opt in, something I need, and then you won't have to ask me to show notifications, I'll be asking you.

I love the ability to search departures from my home city. When I change it from "1 Passenger" to "2 Passengers", it would be helpful if the price reflected the total cost of 2 passengers.

What I would like to get is a travel search engine for which you give you give origin, destination and luggage specifications (how many pieces, weight and special luggages). Then the system compares total cost and time for the journey, not only flights taking into account the special luggage costs but train, rental cars etc. Ideally then one click shopping for all of the required connections.

I'd be love to have a unified train search and purchasing for Europe. Search is fine, purchasing is a mess. Especially because you can buy the same ticket from multiple different places for very different prices.

Some quick feedback:

1. You seem to be missing SXF, Berlin's Schönefeld Airport.

2. Once that's in, It would be nice to just enter the city, in case I don't mind which airport I'm flying from.

3. The top result was traveling from Berlin to Berlin...

4. I'd like to be able to specify 'fuzzy' departure and arrival times. For when I want a trip that fits within my budget, but am flexible with regards to when I travel.

This is shameless self-promotion, but if you have an iOS device the Hopper app has a feature that lets you watch flight prices for flexible dates/length of stays/destinations and will send you a notification when there's a deal for any of those things.

Disclaimer: I work for Hopper

Quick bug report: when accessing the site from Israel, the footer's "Nearby Airports" section includes:

* Ramon Air Base (no civilian flights)

* Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport (Israeli/Lebanese border is closed)

* Damascus International Airport (Israeli/Syrian border is closed)

Simply asking "what's within X radius" is not a sufficiently robust algorithm for this problem.

Like the overall idea. One important feedback - needs the ability to specify a 'departure' city not just airport. E.g. London has 5 main airports, and most people would be able to fly from any of these. An umbrella search that is "London" and aggregates across all the airports for the city is key.

You were showing as shadowbanned for some reason.

I would add that rather than a city, I would like to be able to specify a general area, or a list of airports. From my place, I don't care much if I must depart from Amsterdam, Paris or Brussels, and London is fine as well if it's cheaper. Every time I look for flights, it gets tedious to try every of these departure locations to check the flights I can take.

huh, is there any way to find out why you were shadowbanned? some kind of request for information process?

Is this something which applies to my whole user account, or just this particular comment got flagged up?

Maybe questions I should send to the mods really.

Well, this comment was greyed out as well (I clicked "vouch" for both) so it looks like it's something with your account.

I think I'd send an email to the mods, as I have no idea what got you flagged.

You got hit by a software filter that is based on past activity by trolls and had nothing to do with you. Sorry! I've marked your account legit so this won't happen again.

It's been a while since I worked with anything air travel related but why do all the flight search engine UIs operate very similarly? Is it just because it's the best way to do it or are these booking engines still tied to the GDS systems (Sabre, Amadeus, etc)?

I'm working on a travel web app right now and sadly it's still tied to GDS unless you want to affiliate link your users out to some other site.

Selecting a list of airports, or an area, or city with distance range would be nice. From where I live, there are multiple airports about the same distance away, and I don't care much which one I use; but it might make a huge difference due to different airlines.

Excellent idea, but I couldn't make it work in Chrome. I got empty results, unexpected UI weirdness, stuff that never showed up. If you can make it work, it'll be my new favorite thing, but it's not there yet.

I don't see anything that sets this service apart from flight and hotel aggregators. I was hoping it would be for flash deals or alertnative / thrifty vacation ideas. Instead it seems more like a worse Kayak.

The deals seem particularly expensive and the site in general is very slow.

An issue I hit: while the geolocation correctly located me in Berlin, the first suggestion for a trip will be Berlin itself, which is kind of not what I expected.

I built a business travel app a couple of years back.

I think budget filter is not enough to create enough value as most people set a budget for entire trip and not just travel. If you could crowd source data of avg expense for taxi, and stuff then this could get really interesting.

In our case we could map project budget for travel to trips using historical data(not so accurate but good for ballpark)

Can't open result in new tab, slow loading, and prices that are way higher than they would be if I searched on my own. Not really sure whats the use case. Google flights does a lot of this and does it fast. I can view the whole world and estimated prices on the fly. Also needs an airline filter.

Also no results when clicking through a listing.

Congratulations on getting as far as you have. There is plenty of actionable feedback from HN.

What are you prioritizing for your next release? I would recommend including the most often repeated UX complaints from this "Show HN". Iterate quickly and get another round of feedback. Keep up the momentum.

Neat idea. Does anyone know how these relatively small operations all have the flight and hotel search API integrated? My understanding was that flight commission's are quite low, and unless you have serious traffic it's not profitable to run these types of sites?

Flight commissions are tiny. Hotel commissions are not - probably in the 10% range off the top for smaller operators.

The flights seem quite a bit more expensive than what I am used to seeing between major cities.

I try a $1000 for two based from the local regional airport and all I get are the cities with the two international airports that are ~2 hours drive away. We usually drive to those for flights anyway because they are so much cheaper.

Cool, but it's "on a budget" for the States.

In Europe, I can go from cold to the beach with EUR15 with Ryan Air, and AirBnB for as low as EUR20/night in a decent apartment in many towns.

That's on a budget European style! :-)

Agreed. I've spent a weekend in Paris, and the whole thing (travel by bus + two nights stay + 2 museum tickets) cost me less than their minimum budget.

A minor UI suggestion to improve information availability.


How am I supposed to know if I am interested in "Monteg.."?

What a great idea!

Curiously, first recommended city to visit is the one I set as the home base.

Also, when going for eg two weeks, it might be interesting to suggest to spend the first and second weeks in different places.

Indeed, a great idea. And I have the same issue.

On the one hand, since I do live in San Francisco, taking a "staycation" is not a terrible idea. It might be fun to live like a tourist. But the first 5 options for me are 1) San Francisco, 2) Oakland, 3) Sacramento, 4) San Jose, and 5) Reno. For a site that is promising me exotic adventure, leading things that are so quotidian is a disappointment. Sure, put in the staycation options, but rank them lower.

I eventually just switched off the hotels and looked at flights only, as I wasn't confident that the algorithm would do as good a job of picking a hotel as I would.

Can someone enlighten me what the „on a budget“ in the title means? Do they have some special deals? Feels like a booking.com with a „take me anywhere“ button on first look.

You can set your max budget on the search

ok, not a native speaker, thought "on a budget" refers to cheap/saving money/low in price.

You are correct. Most of us are "on a budget" when we travel in the sense that we have certain price ranges in mind even if we tend to prioritize saving time over $$ and stay in fairly nice places. Budget travel or traveling on a budget carries the implication that you're looking for cheaper options like buses, hostels, free attractions, no-frills airlines, etc. Think the original Lonely Planet demographic (though not any longer).

And with an upper limit on costs for Hotels and Flights.

If I may make a comparison, kinda like a half-baked Expedia without the $£€ limit filter.

Native English speaker - that was my original expectation as well. It can mean either thing.

Site literally just keeps telling me to up my budget. Apparently nothing fun to do when you're flying out of DBQ.

Bugreport: the search list disappears after a while. Maybe to load a new result set? I didn't wait for it.

I would like a feature where I could add a group of people that are traveling from different areas.

I love this! I would really like a map view that shows all the destinations in the search.

See also: Scott’s Cheap Flights. Daily flash ticket sales to a random place in the world.

No affiliation.

Right side is cut off on my iPhone 6s (iOS 11.2.6) in verical orientation.

I don't like it when a website tries to load tons of javacripts.

when selecting JFK as airport the first result was NYC. why would I want to stay at NYC if I already selected the airport looking for places to go to

so many wrong images of the destinations. Off by continents.. Does not incite confidence

doesnt render properly in firefox.

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