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Teralytics | Software Engineer, Data Scientist | Singapore | ONSITE, VISA, Full-Time and Intern | https://www.teralytics.net/jobs

Teralytics is hiring Software Engineers in Singapore and Zurich, and for interns in Software Engineer and Data Scientist roles in Singapore. I'm the hiring manager for Singapore, so I'm pitching mostly for those roles here, but you can find out more at our job website: https://www.teralytics.net/jobs.

We're looking for functional programmers with good knowledge of distributed systems, databases, stream processing, or statistics. Scala knowledge preferred but not required. Salaries are extremely competitive and perks are good but we're also extremely selective. For interns, the work and environment is very good: I'm ex-Microsoft, and I'd say it's far better than the MS intern experience in those regards (we can't match their intern salaries though).

We are an analytics company (ETH Zurich spinoff) that operates across a very large swath of the problem space: integrating deep into the "sensors," through the processing and analytics, and then the visualization. We are solving some hard problems around realtime streaming, geospatial and predictive analytics, and work closely with data-driven customers to improve how cities and transportation work. The Singapore technical team is small (approximately 10) but growing in size and capabilities. Unfortunately, our work and opportunities are outpacing us, so come and help us!

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