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Krnc ("Currency") | Software Engineers | Los Angeles, CA | Remote, Full-Time & Part-Time | http://www.krnc.io

We are a well-funded early-stage startup whose technology allows >$5 trillion in paper money to be "forked" onto the blockchain. This is impossible with the current state of the art, so we are building a new foundation for the global monetary system.

Interested? We are looking for:

1. Machine Learning Engineer - Help improve and extend our prototype AI's superhuman performance. Requires experience in computer vision, multi-framework machine-learning, and mobile/embedded neural-network deployment.

2. Distributed Systems Engineer - Work on the biggest advancement in distributed-ledger technology since PoW consensus. Help design and build the largest, most-secure digital payment platform in history. Requires experience in auditing Byzantine fault tolerance.

Contact: jobs [at] krnc.io

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