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Zulip | Designer | San Francisco | ONSITE (preferred) + REMOTE | Full time or part time

Zulip is an open source team chat product, with dozens of weekly active contributors, and an experienced core leadership based in SF (https://zulipchat.com/team/). You can check out the product at the Zulip community server, https://chat.zulip.org.

We're looking for a strong UI/visual designer. The ideal candidate has strong CSS and visual design skills, and is comfortable doing the basics with javascript, html, and git. You would be Zulip's first full-time designer, responsible for moving the overall design of Zulip forward, including developing a style guide, implementing most of the design and CSS work for new features, and working closely with frontend and full-stack engineers.

Pay is competitive. One of the big perks of working for Zulip is that all of your work will be open sourced and available forever.

Email us at jobs@zulipchat.com with a resume/portfolio, and we'll take it from there. Women and minorities encouraged to apply.

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