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Streamlabs | Senior backend developer, Fullstack developer | Series A | Full-time | San Francisco | ONSITE |competitive $ + equity

•What: Video streaming/creator space (est. $70B by 2021, >1B viewers) - large and growing market with interesting technical and UI/UX challenges

•Results thus far: used by 70% of Twitch streamers today; process >$120M donations to streamers in 2017; audience reach over 100M

•Financial backing: Series A led by Sequoia in 2015 + we have a revenue source live today

•Culture/who we are looking for:

- For backend = >4 years experience building resilient products/services

- For frontend = good mix of aesthetic, usability and HTML/CSS. You will be in charge of design and HTML/CSS. We do not treat these as separate positions

- You have an owner mentality

- We hire for passion, work ethic, and attitude. Everything else can be learned

- We value speed of execution over perfection

- Small team. Believe a lot in empathy. You will not be micro-managed. You will have complete freedom in how you implement product features and carry a ton of responsibility

- Big plus if: you are into the creator ecosystem/gaming/live streaming; you thrive in ambiguity and are excited to build things from ground up

•Current web stack: LESS+vue.js/PHP(laravel)/MySQL/Node.js/Nginx/AWS

•Process: 30min phone screen -> take home problem -> final round onsite with team

•Team size: 60

•Location for these roles: SF (HQ)

•Details: https://streamlabs.com/ | https://angel.co/stream-labs - feel free to apply via these links. On avg. we get back to you within 24hrs

•Questions? Good! Please email george@streamlabs.com or let's chat here

Hi there, is StreamLabs sponsoring Visas?

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