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RONIN HEALTH | VP, Engineering | SF Bay Area | Full-time Onsite | $220,000 - $260,000 + Equity | Benefits

Ronin Health is a cancer care platform for medical oncologists and their patients. It provides tools and insights for cancer diagnosis, treatment and supportive care.

Our multi-million dollar seed round just closed via a prominent tech billionaire and global healthcare company. We are currently working with the a number of the nation’s most recognized oncologists and working with a large cohort of medical records containing tens of millions of patient data points.

We’ve been concepting the business for the last 7 months and are now incorporating and hiring the founding team. This is a “green field”, “first in” role. The CEO is hired and other positions are at the offer stage.


- Hire and develop an the best technical talent to create an outstanding engineering team

- Build a rock solid technology platform that becomes the de facto daily operating system for clinicians

- Innovate algorithms research, machine learning infrastructure, front-end development and QA

- Become an invaluable colleague and member of the executive team

- Provide technical authority in strategy planning with the board and in enterprise sales engagements

- Raise your game and use your talents and years of experience to benefit the sufferers of one of the world’s most terrible diseases


- 8+ years of VP-level engineering management experience with a track record of running the full engineering organization

- Proven ability to rapidly scale engineering organizations at young, high growth companies while maintaining the highest standards of talent, product quality, and culture

- Strong organizational management skills, with a toolkit of processes and best practices ready on day one

- Extensive track record of developing high-performance healthcare enterprise technologies

- Experience with big-data, ML engineering platforms

- Strong entrepreneurial drive

Please apply via Oxeon Partners, who assisted with the company design, at: ronin@oxeonpartners.com

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