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Heartbeat | Software Engineer, Marketing Lead, Chief Operating Officer | New York | Onsite | Full-Time | https://heartbeathealth.com

We believe in redesigning the field of cardiology to be more inclusive and improve quality of life at any age. Our practices focus on early diagnosis and management that empowers people to feel better, live healthier, understand their heart, and most importantly — have access to a trusted clinical team anywhere. We are a multidisciplinary team of doctors, educators, engineers, and researchers making prevention as simple as getting your heart checked.

The first step to protecting your heart is to understand it inside and out. We offer a suite of comprehensive tests and services for your heart that you can book now — no referral needed. Our clinical team follows data-driven methods, uses the latest diagnostic techniques, and is committed to communicating with you on an ongoing and personal level. Pricing is competitive and transparent to make preventive care accessible.

https://bit.ly/heartbeat-engineering | https://bit.ly/heartbeat-operations | https://bit.ly/heartbeat-marketing

or apply on Angel.co - https://angel.co/useheartbeat/jobs

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