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Kentik | Software Engineer | San Francisco | Onsite/Remote | Full-Time | kentik.com

Who wants to build a database? A specialized database. Kentik is a tool to ingest and process network metadata: how many bytes, how many packets, are your tcp sessions suddenly seeing an uptick in re-transmits, how does your window size look, are you under attack, did you just get BGP high-jacked?

We wrote a custom database in go, which at its heart works by taking a time range, storing all events by time-slice and then at query time querying each time segment in parallel. This is hidden behind a Postgres front end using the foreign data wrapper interface PG provides. A data visualization layer on top distills the inputs down into actionable intelligence.

The end result of all this is that when anything changes on your network you get a slack message.

Interested? We're hiring for multiple roles, including:

* Full stack JS engineer working in a react code base. Work up from postgres -> node -> client browser.

* System engineer fluent in go and/or rust. Build fault tolerant distributed applications capable of handling billions of data points per day.

* Product manager. You are working with customers and employees to influence product strategy and shepherd projects to completion.

https://www.kentik.com/careers to apply. We are a split team 50% based in SF and 50% full time remote.

The product manager role is not showing on your website. Is that still available?

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