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xbird | Principal Engineer, Machine Learning | Berlin, Germany | ONSITE, VISA, FULL-TIME | http://xbird.io

We are a medical artificial intelligence company.

Every minute, 8 people die from a preventable disease. We use the latest know-how in data science and machine learning to save lives. Our technology captures data streams from the built-in sensors of smartphones and wearables, and analyzes these to detect critical health events before they occur.

We are hiring a Principal Engineer, Machine Learning to help us build the intelligence behind our systems. You will play a leading role in every part of our machine learning lifecycle: from the initial research to the production-level implementation, from discussing long-term goals to making post-release micro-improvements. You take full ownership of core projects of our company. You also coach and lead other machine learning engineers at xbird.

We are looking for someone that has experience in both backend engineering (Python) and machine learning. The combination is key to us, because you will have to deploy your knowledge outside of the lab. This includes building a reliable, scalable, and secure data processing infrastructure.

To learn more or apply, please visit http://www.xbird.io/jobs/ . If you have any questions, feel free to ask me directly (<markus@xbird.io>).

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