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Sphere | Full Stack Engineer | London, UK | ONSITE, Full-time

Sphere is building the future of mental health support

Currently, mental health support is only available if you're "diagnosed" and even then, huge barriers exist to accessing support - emotionally, financially and logistically. NHS waiting lists are more than 9 months to see a counsellor and private therapy is only really viable if you have the money to spare or are really in need. In short, support is archaic and inaccessible.

We set out to build mental health support for how people live today. We offer message chat-based support and allow you to receive ongoing therapy from a counsellor. In a really short space of time, we have built the product and are already supporting thousands of people. We've also just raised our first round of funding and taken on some truly incredibly talented people into the team.

We're using React Native/Redux and are design led as a company. We're looking for an engineer who is driven work on a really exceptional product.

Please email your CV and a short paragraph on why you're interested to calvin@sphereapp.org


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