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Center for Clinical Data Science | Multiple Roles | Boston, MA | Onsite | Full-Time | Competitive Salaries | Sponsor Visas

Machine learning is on the verge of transforming healthcare, and the MGH & BWH Center for Clinical Data Science (CCDS) is at the forefront of this revolution. We are a fast-paced startup embedded in two of the nation’s leading research hospitals, backed by industry partners like Nvidia, GE Healthcare and Nuance. We have access to millions of medical records, an on-prem GPU cluster, and a top-tier team from industry and academia. We work closely with clinicians to solve critical problems in patient care – our goal is to make real products that make a real difference in healthcare.

Our tech stack includes Tensorflow, Python + Flask, React + Redux, RabbitMQ, Postges, and Redis

We’re hiring at all levels of seniority for a variety of roles including frontend SWE, full-stack SWE, machine learning engineer, and machine learning scientist. For more details, see (https://www.ccds.io/join-us/).

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