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HealthWiz (YC S17) | Software Engineering, Data Engineer, Data Scientist | New York, NY | Onsite | Full-time

HealthWiz is a predictive analytics and data platform for the healthcare industry. Our API powers digital healthcare companies and insurances with accurate and comprehensive data on doctors, insurance plans, and healthcare costs. We're a small team (3 people now, expected to grow to ~6-7 by the end of the year). We're hiring for both data science and software engineering.

While at this stage we all wear many hats, for the Software/Data Engineer, you would be working on:

- Scaling out our data collection, normalization and modeling efforts to help build a best in class healthcare data platform - Building, designing, improving, and launching new API features. To learn more, see: https://healthwiz.readme.io/docs

For the Data Scientist, you would be working on:

- Owning all aspects of analytics across company to drive company strategy and suite of data products - Building proprietary predictive models from existing internal datasets and new datasets you develop

If you're interested, check out https://www.myhealthwiz.com/join or reach out to us at team@myhealthwiz.com!

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