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Show HN: Hipstafridge – Blockchain powered smart refrigerator (hipstafridge.me)
33 points by hipstafridge 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

The whitepaper is legit. It actually delivers on its promise.

I foresee liability problems for them when their fridge notifies customers of having expired goods in their fridge without actually blocking access to those goods. They either have to forego on these notifications altogether and become a common cooler or they have to take steps to block access to expired goods. Once they implement blocking functionality they could have their affiliates in the health insurance industries offer reduced premiums (or non-raised premiums after devices like these have become mandated by law) in return for allowing the insurer to order product-blocks to their customers. This scheme could be expanded even further by selling temporary unblocking licenses for parties or other festive occasions.

I see a bright future ahead of me, a brave new world is coming into being.

Sounds good.

The unblocking probably should be done only by certified technicians (Hipstafridge Certified Technician, HCT).

This is April fools right? The white paper is literally just a white piece of paper.

The whitepaper works for me. What browser are you using?

Doesn't work for me, I get a beige shade. Maybe I need to calibrate my monitor?

It's blank for me --

0. In Firefox.

1. In Chrome.

2. In a saved pdf, viewed with Preview.app.

Perhaps it's taking the whole whitepaper thing to its logical conclusion.

> FridgeCoin's

You meant to say "FridgeCoins"

Also just having a react component is not very creative. Try including smart contracts.

Dis gon' moon soon.

Already bought $1000 worth of FridgeCoins.

when is the ICO?

this is a troll level 1^10^10^10

look at the amount of details & care that went into this...

nearly got me until the doge customer review!

Suck it, Jin Yang!

Damn. I just kickstarted my cloud powered smart refrigerator but I guess cloud is sooooo 2017.

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