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LÖVE 11.0 released (love2d.org)
40 points by doppp on April 2, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

How does this stack up to Godot for 2D?

Well it sort of depends on what exactly you mean.

Ease of use? Godot is probably the best in class for that in my opinion, but if you prefer text interfaces over GUIs then Love2D is very good. As far as frameworks go it is extremely simple to get going, well documented, and has plenty (not an over-abundance, but certainly enough) of libraries to make simple or complex games with.

Godot gives you a lot more to work with as far as built in functionality as well. For instance if you don't want to use the Love physics library (it is very heavy for most tasks) you're going to have to write your own collision detection or use a 3rd party library (I recommend Bump).

Performance? I recall seeing a forum post to do with the bunnymark test where Love edged out Godot by a reasonable margin in naive tests. Once Love was optimised then it was impressively fast in comparison, but from what I remember no one tried optimising the Godot implementation.

That is just rendering. I don't know of any comparisons as far as processing speed goes. GDScript has been called slow but it's plenty fast for most use cases. Love2D uses LuaJIT which is probably the fastest dynamic interpreted language there is.

Honestly for 2D I sincerely doubt you're going to hit the limits of either engine, and they're both fantastic.

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